The 94 Percent
Michael H. Steinhardt

The Federation Movement And The Challenge Of Jewish Identity: Interpreting Pew
Barry Shrage

Foster Relationships, Build Bridges
Sarah Bunin Benor

What Are Funders To Do? Implications Of The Pew Report
Andrés Spokoiny

Can The Pew Findings Guide Philanthropic Investment In The Jewish Community?
Leonard Saxe

Invest In The Children Of Intermarriage
Theodore Sasson

We Are So Jewish It’s Ridiculous: Stop Worrying About Pew
Sarah Seltzer

The Reform Tent: Half Full Or Half Empty?
Fern Chertok

Orthodox “Retention” And Kiruv: The Bad News And The Good News
Jerome A. Chanes

Ready To Prove A Prediction Wrong?
Rabbi Hayim Herring

Give A Boy A Hammer
Amy L. Sales

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