Shabbat Is Our Birthright
Michael H. Steinhardt

The Challenge and Potential Of Shabbat In Communities
Rabbi Elie Kaunfer

Shabbat, Shabbos and Saturday: Opening Doors At The JCC
Rabbi Joy Levitt

Shabbat In Synagogues: It’s Changed A Lot!
Rabbi Hayim Herring

Reimagining Shabbat On Campus
Hart Levine

Reflections On Shabbat At Chabad On Campus
Chana R. Novack and Rabbi Hershey Novack

The Joy of Shababa
Karina Zilberman

When Shabbat Simply Dribbles Away
Alex Pomson

In Defense Of A Secular Sabbath
Judith Shulevitz

Shabbat In The Public Sphere
Rabbi David Gedzelman

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